2010-11 Results

2010-11 Results

Spring Into Summer Swiss
(9 rounds, April 28 to June 30, 2011)

Erwin Casareno and Josh Guo scored 6 points each to top the 2000+ section.  Erwin gets the win through a tie break.  Alex Ferraira with 5 points takes third place also on a tie break (this time over Yunachen Zhang).  A similar pattern in the U2000 section.  Scott Huston and John Zhang topped the field with 6.5 points and Scott taking first by the tie break.  Jim Patterson and Lin Song followed up with 6 points each but Jim claims 3rd through the tie break. In the U1600 section, a tie break was also required to establish the winner.   Kevin Yie and Ken Kurkowski both scored 7.5 points but Kevin gets first place with the tie break.  Derick Aghamalian was the sole player at 6.5 points and takes 3rd place. 

2000+ Section (Final results)
U2000 Section (Final results)
U1700 Section (Final results)

Club Championship
(9 rounds, February 24 to April 21, 2011)

Congratulations to Josh Guo, the winner of the 2011 club championship.  Josh and Rune Pedersen were tied at 7 points each.  Our tie break formula gave Josh the edge over Rune.  In third place was Michael Song with 5.5 points.

Tony Lin won the Open Reserves section with a score of 7.0 points.  By finishing first, Tony is guaranteed a spot in the 2012 round-robin section of the club championship.  Close behind Tony were three players, all with 6.5 points: Alex Ferreira, Joshua Sherman and Kevin Wu.

Club president Maurice Smith won the U1700 Reserves section with 7 points.  Tan Guo also had 7 points but the tie break formual gave Maurice the edge.  In third was Kajan Thanabalachandran with 6.5 points (Derick Aghamalian also had 6.5 points but the tie break formula gave third place to Kajan).
Round Robin Championship (Final results)
Open Reserves (Final results)
U1700 Reserves (Final results)

Jack Frost Swiss
(7 rounds, January 6 to February 17, 2011)

In the 2000+ section, Michael Song and Erwin Casareno had 5 points but Michael wins the tournament by a tie-break.  Coming in third was Alex Ferreira. The situation in the U2000 section was even more congested at the top with Yakos Spiliotopoulos, Joshua Sherman and Mario Moran_Venagas finishing one, two and three with all them scoring 5 points. The U1600 section continued the theme with Leonid Aghamalian and Derick Aghamalian tied with 5 points and Leonid taking the win by a tie break.  Some very hotly contended sections in this tournament!

2000+ Section (Final results)
U2000 Section (Final results)
U1700 Section (Final results)

Falling Leaves Swiss
(7 rounds, October 28 to December 9, 2010)

Andrew Picana and Michael Song led the field in a hotly contested 2000+ section with 5 points each.  Application of the tie break rules finds Picana in first place and young Michael Song in second place.  Just behind Picana and Song was a deadlock at 4.5 points featuring Andrei Moffatt and Josh Guo. The tie break rules gave Moffatt third and Guo fourth.

In the U2000 section, Lui Morra led the pack with an impressive 6 out of 7 score. Daniel Wiebe was half a point back to claim second place. Back at 4.5 points were six players led by Greg Stavropoulo who came out on top of the tie break to get third place in the U2000.

In a simililarly impressive performance, Yakos Spiliotopoulo took first place in the U1700 section with 6.5 points.  Second and third place were claimed by Andrew Philip and John Zhang -- both at 5 points.

2000+ section (Final results)
U2000 section (Final results)
U1700 section (Final results)

Howard Ridout Memorial Swiss
(6 rounds, September 9 to October 21, 2010)

Our first tournament of the year is our first tournament with the new three section format. In the new Premiere section (2000+), David Southam was the clear winner with 4.5 points.  Daniel Abrahams was close behind at 4 points.  In third by a tie break was Erwin Casareno with 3.5 points.

Paul Corvo came out on top of the middle group (1700 to 1999 rating) with 5 points.  There was a log jam at 4.5 points but Mike Conte takes second and Jack Triefeldt takes third place.

In the U1700 section, it looked like Tom Muir was shooting for a perfect 6 our of 6 but he had to withdraw from the tournament after 5 rounds with 5 points.  Behind in second place was Andrew Philip at 4.5 points.  Also at 4.5 points but in third place was John Graham.

2000+ Section (Final results)
U2000 Section (Final results)
U1700 Section (Final results)