2009-10 Results

2009-10 Results

Lazy, Hazy Summer Swiss
(8 rounds, April 29 to June 24)

In the Jack Frost Swiss, Bill Peng had to settle for a tie for first place sharing the honours with Andre Moffat.  In our last tournament of the year, Peng had first place all to himself with 7 points.  Not far behind was Andre Moffatt with tied at 6 points.   Also at 6 points was David Southam.  Application of the tie break formulas gives second place to Moffatt and third to Southam.

In the U1700 section, Lin Song was out ahead of everyone with 7 points.  Lin Song played very well posting a performance rating of 1792.  A couple points back in second place was Steve Karpik at 5 points.  Tied with four points was Ted Termeer and Andrew Philip but Ted takes third place honours after we apply our tie break formulas.

Open Section (final results)
U1700 Section (final results)

SCC 2010 Club Championships
(9 rounds, February 25 to April 22, 2010)

Yuanling Yuan is the 2010 SCC Champion!  Congratulations to Yuanling for another fine tournament.  However, because Yuanling has already won a tournament, she can't win the $50 membership credit again.  Tied at 5.5 points were Rune Pedersen and John Hall.  Application of the first tie-break test (Sonneborn-Berger) still left Pedersen and Hall tied.  Only when we look at the number of wins for each of Pedersen and Hall do we see that Pedersen claims second place and the $50 membership extension.  Hall takes third -- ever so close to Pedersen.

Congratulations to the winners of our Reserves sections -- Andrew Picana and Magas Yusuf. Andrew was alone in first place in the Open section with 7.5 points.  Just behind Andrew was Randy Moysoski at 7 points. There was a 4-way tie at 6 points with Mike Conte grabbing third place by our tie-break rules.  Andrew Picana wins a $50 credit towards the extension of their SCC membership. 

In the U1700 section, Magas was perfect in the U1700 section winning all 9 of his games!  Maurice Smith grabbed second place with 6.5 points and John Walker at 6 points. U1700 winner Magas Yusuf has already won himself $50 in an earlier tournament, so the $50 SCC membership extension goes to Maurice Smith.

Robin Robin Section (final results)
Open Reserves Section (final results)
U1700 Reserves Section (final results)

Jack Frost Swiss
(6 rounds, January 7 to February 11)

In the open section, Andrei Moffat and Bill Peng were tied at 5 points to come out on top.  Application of three of our tie break criteria still left it a dead tie between Moffat and Peng.  It was only by the fourth tie-break criteria that Moffat claimed victory.  There was big crowd at 4.5 points: Kevork Hacat, Pino Verde, JimPaterson and Yuanling Yuan.  The first tie-break criteria gave Hacat third place.

Zaidun al Ganabi was all alone at 5 points winning the U1700 section. Maurice Smith, Michael Rogers and John Walker tied at 4.5 points with out tie break formulas giving Smith 2nd place, Rogers 3rd place and Walker 4th in the U1700 section.

Congratulations to Andrei Moffat and Zaidun al Ganabi who win a $50 credit towards their next membership renewal for winning their sections as part of the SCC's 50th anniversary celebration.

Open Results (final results)
U1700 Results (final results)

Falling Leaves Swiss
(7 rounds, November 12 to December 17, 2009)

WIM Yuanling Yuan put one point between herself and a trio of players at 5 points to win the Open section of the Falling Leaves Swiss.  In celebration of the Scarborough Chess Club's 50th Anniversary, Yuanling's 6 point victory wins her a $50 credit towards the renewal of her club membership.  Tied with 5 points were Erwin Casareno (2nd place), Andrei Moffat (3rd place) and Rune Pedersen.

Magas Yusuf was the clear winner in the U1700 section and picks himself up a $50 credit for winning his section of the Falling Leaves Swiss.  Yutong Luo was just behind with 5.5 points to claim 2nd place and in 3rd, we have club treasurer, Andrew Philip, with 5 points.

Complete results for both sections are just below.

Open Results (final results)
U1700 Results (final results)

Howard Ridout Memorial Swiss
(8 rounds, September 10 to October 29, 2009)

Liam Henry takes first place in the Open Section of the Howard Ridout Memorial and wins himself a $50 credit towards the extension of his club membership.  Close in behind were six players at 5.5 points.  Rune Linneboe Pedersen claims second place via a tie break and David Southam grabs third place. In the U1700 section, Scott Huston comes out on top and wins the $50 membership voucher.  Tied with Scott at 6 points but just behind by our tie-break formula was Tony Lin.  A group of 3 players at 5.5 points is headed by Peter Xie who takes third place.  Complete results for both sections are just below.

Open Section (final results)
U1700 Section (final results)