2008-09 Results

2008-09 Results

Spring Swiss
(8 Rounds, April 30 to June 18)

Our final tournament of the 2008-2009 chess season was cut short by a City of Toronto municipal workers strike.  So rather than the intended 9 rounds, the Spring Swiss wrapped up after 8.

Karl Sellars was the clear winner in the Open section (7 points).  Yuanling Yuan was nipping on his heels at 6.5 points to grab second place.  Two players, Bill Peng and Joshua Sherman, tied at 5.5 points but Peng gets third place by applying our tie break formulas.

A similar pattern played out in the U1700 section.  Tony Lin was first with 6.5 points.  Eli Teram locked up second with 6 points.  Stephen Bao and Kevin Gaffney tied at 5.5 points with Bao taking third place through a tie break.

Full results for both sections are available directly below.

Open Section (final results)
U1700 Section (final results)

Club Championship
(9 Rounds, February 26 to April 23)

John Hall is our 2008-09 club champion finishing with 7.5 points. Tied with 7 points each were Yuanling Yuan and Andrei Moffat.  Based on the tie-break formula (Sonneborn-Berger) Yuanling snags second place.  This was without doubt the strongest SCC championship in recent memory.  Congratulations to all in the championship round-robin for their fine play.

Bill Peng is the winner of the Reserves A Section with 7.5 points. Alex Ferreira got 2nd place by scoring 6.5 points. And Geordie Derraugh claims 3rd at 6 points (Randy Moysoski also had 6 points but Geordie is placed in 3rd by our tie break criteria).

In the Reserves B Section, Maurice Smith and Dean Ward tied at 7.5 points but Maurice takes 1st by application of our tie break formula. Jim Roe is alone at 6 points and picks up 3rd place.

Club Championship (final results)
Reserves A (final results)
Reserves B (final results)

Jack Frost Swiss
(7 rounds, January 9 to February 19)

Going into the final round there was a big log jam in the Open section with 6 players tied at 4.5 points.  In the end three players shared the same result to put them at the top of the pile.  David Krupka, Bryan Lamb and Andrei Moffat all finished up with 5.5 points with first place going to Moffat based on tie break rules; Krupka took 2nd place and Lamb ended up in 3rd.

In the U1700 section, Dean Ward finished a strong tournament to emerge in first at 5.5 points.  Just behind him were Maurice Smith (2nd place), club newcomer Bill Peng (3rd place) and Gabriel Azmitia (4th place).  Peng, who is currently unrated, is sure to gain rating points quickly in future tournaments based on his play in the Jack Frost Swiss.

Open Section (final results)
U1700 Section (final results)

Fall Swiss Tournament
(8 rounds, Oct. 30 to Dec. 18)

Erwin Casareno had a strong tournament in the Open Section losing only one game and drawing only one to tally 6.5 points which was enough to make him the overall winner of the SCC Fall Swiss.  Close in behind were Kyle Morrison in second place at 6 points and Bryan Lamb in third (also with 6 points).

In the U1700 section, Dean Ward had an excellent tournament and took first place with 6 points.  In second place also with a strong tournament was Jim Roe at 6 points (Jim had one bye, Dean had none).  Maurice Smith took third place with 5 points just beating out Andrew Philip, Arvin Farhang, Mario Umana and Abdolreza Radpey (all with 5 points but with more byes).

Full results of both tournaments can be found immediately below.

Open Section Crosstable (final results)
U1700 Section Crosstable (final results)

Howard Ridout Memorial Swiss '08
(7 rounds, Sept. 11 - October 23)

In the open section, Kyle Morrison was alone in first place with 6 out of a possible 7 points.  Just slightly behind was Yuanling Yuan with 5.5 points.  After that it gets really crowded.  David Krupka, Bryan Lamb, Karl Sellars and Ruperto Frilles are all tied at 5.0 points.  However, by virtue of the tie breaking formula, Sellars takes 3rd place.

In the U1700 section, Stuart Brammal was perfect scoring 7 out of 7 points.  Kevin Gaffney was closest to Stuart finishing in second with 5 points.  And like the open section, we've got a crowd following 1st and 2nd.  All at 4.5 points are Maurice Smith, Lui Morra, Linda Xia, Mario Umana and Peter Xie. The tie break formula awards 3rd place to Linda Xia.  The full results are linked to just below:

Open Section Crosstable (final results)
U1700 Section Crosstable (final results)